Longitude’s Necklace

by Travis Jeppesen on June 4, 2011

“Her heart is boundless, bleeding. She is the porn star mother of us all, the whore, and she doesn’t even acknowledge her own presence once the forest threatens to overtake her human-style longing. She dresses in fur and feathers, leaves and twigs to make herself invisible. You can blend in with nature, which is nothing less than an extended series of disasters, all competing to annihilate us. We won’t let it. We will become like nature, and thus win this war, the war against the silence that bleeds in our mouths from afar. High up, the eagles squat over us on the tree branch. Those trees are higher than the sky’s own children. We can’t own the sky, but we can at least see which parts of the ground have evaded us the longest. Then we will know how to answer these questions. We will learn what it means to ask them. We will go inside the knife blades. We will speak the language of the worm.”

“Longitude’s Necklace,” a section from The Suiciders, appears in the new issue of VLAK.

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