Opening Friday in Copenhagen: Cucumber Bones

by Travis Jeppesen on August 20, 2014


Hannah Heilmann, Uffe Isolotto, Renaud Jerez, Travis Jeppesen, Christian Jeppsson, Yves Scherer, Matthew Smith, Alex Turgeon

22.08.14 – 20.09.14

Opening: Friday, 22 August, 18.00-22.00

Cucumber Bones is an exhibition based on our predilection for attributing human characteristics to objects.
Similarly to when we recognize features or faces in pebbles or a cloud formation, we keep insisting on incorporating human characteristics in the design of our everyday appliances often using cute and emotive anthropomorphisms to counteract their inanimate properties. This wish seemingly opposes the contemporary human self-image that is migrating towards a more clinical, technological state of being.
Cucumber Bones features a group of works that in different ways explore forms of anthropomorphisms and their inherent connection to notions of nature-culture. In function and gesture these work oscillates between human and artificial, between utility and fog.
In medias such as animation, sculpture, assemblage, text and installation the artists give inanimate objects human features dealing with the foolish, tabooed and sometimes banally humane in being human.
This exhibition emerges from these diverse conceptions of human conditions, dealing both with physical and aesthetic characteristics within that range of (pseudo) bodily elements that we have become so invested in technically bridging.


Siljangade 8
2300 Copenhagen S

Organized by Anna Frost & Christian Jeppsson

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