Short Story

by Travis Jeppesen on November 15, 2014

Natural Moan Molly was full of the problems she never had. Yeah, life was a gift. The preciousness of cement is what tore her apart. Making love to a cup of coffee, the apes soon fell away. That left a lot of people to form the rest. But at least they could be explained. Looking different than a lot of society, their eyes went into the cake. Each time a black bog fell on their heads, hipster highway had a wider anus to waste. Sometimes the globe did it also. Milli Vanilli was glad to be a band. Two brothers who were also models, one of them was rumored to be a homosexual. When was the last time you had grilled lamb? That president won’t win the medal of honor. His time is one of certainty, I hate it. The smart ones are all those who love the lawn mower, but refuse to eat it.

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