In a Movie

by Travis Jeppesen on January 16, 2015


In a movie

he is in the forest


Nothing is pure.

In a movie.

In a movie

we sit

watching you

wishing that

it was real

but it is not

it can never be real

it is only

a movie.

In a movie

the nothing

that is real

is nothing.

That is what

a movie

is for –

the transcription

the triumph

of nothingness.

In a movie

you’re lost

and in real life

you are not

to be found.

This is different

from being lost.

In a movie

where you are lost

there is still

the possibility

that you

will be found.

This possibility

creates a desire

a desire

a hope

that may lead

to the finding.

In real life

where it is known

you will never

be found

that desire

is absent.



is what defines

real life

whereas hope

and desire

their natural dwelling place

is in

the movie,

the sole place

where you now


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