by Travis Jeppesen on September 8, 2015

She wore a dadaistic dildo in her cooch that most men were immune to – but not I of the flying saucer. I have licked of the remnants that most mere earthlings are not politically savvy enough to taste, and warm bread is more my bloodline than the arthritic pawings of the brainiac clutch that tends to inflect the barbarian’s smoothie burpjaw gesture. So grandness grins up at the mauled forces and shops right back at them. Whomever “Softy” was meant to play, it ain’t coming across in the well that was wishing. Don’t you want my grandma to be for sale on top of us all? The most worrisome thing is fucking. For when will the cops arrive? It’s a private shock, and one that the rafters are keen to be jealous upon. Wrote all night until the aliens’ knowledge. Can I memorize this book of horrors? It’s for someone else – too much ink, I mean.

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