New Writing @ Exile

by Travis Jeppesen on April 23, 2016


The purpose of ALL writing should be to create an entirely new language every time one sits down with pen in hand.


Unafraid of “asignification” (meaninglessness.) Because, like writer’s block, it doesn’t actually exist. (New language = new meanings.)


To work in something like a trance state, letting the body guide (glide.)  Because the body has its own language. Not completely severed from mind, of course – that’s impossible. But to allow the body to take precedence over mind, in the total machinery – the body-mind machine.


Not just any machine. What I’m most interested in is motion, movement. That’s always been the most important thing. From a to b, hence: line. I have this body here, and it’s really good for nothing other than pure motion – forming ways across the scape. The scape, in this case, being paper. Hence: vehicle. Body-mind vehicle. Trance poetics of vehicularity.


Vehicularity being an automaticism. Because 1.) all writing is, and 2.) I’m a machine.


New writing necessitates other ways of reading: stroke, rhythm, movement, gesturality, systematicity, resistance. Poetics of indeterminacy (M. Perloff.)


Nature also has many forms of writing. The waves (as V. Woolf recognized, translated.) The clouds in the sky.


My writing is not contemporary. Because it is produced outside of time, a state of trance mindlessness, it comes from the past and the future, is detached from the now. Resist belonging: I don’t belong to this time, neither does the work.


To go outside language, into nothingness – approaching a state of perfection.


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