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by Travis Jeppesen on September 15, 2012

“In the course of the ritual, any division between “us” and “them,” participant and audience member, is dissolved in the experiential spectacle of mass being.” On the last ever performance of the Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang.

Diane Arbus

by Travis Jeppesen on August 27, 2012

“Arbus was the photographer America never wanted, but always deserved. She was the first to show us what’s wrong with the country in a non-documentary way. It’s difficult to imagine how subsequent dissident clickers of the country’s uglier private reaches (…)

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METALAB PRESENTS: Object-Oriented Writing with Travis Jeppesen

by Travis Jeppesen on July 15, 2012

Friday, 20th of July, 6-8.30pm V&A Seminar Room A London SW7 2RL (meet at side entrance on Exhibition Road) This workshop, led by Travis Jeppesen, explores an approach to writing that attempts to inhabit the object. Travis’s object-oriented writing positions (…)

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blip drip

by Travis Jeppesen on October 16, 2011

The Lisbon-based musician/sound artist Motile has turned the poem “Blip Drip,” from my 2006 collection Poems I Wrote While Watching TV, into a song.   flip the want to get us through lack of sensate warmth stare at artificial stars (…)

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Towards an Object-Oriented Writing – or – How Anti-Formalism Helps Me Dream: Notes on an Idea (plus an announcement)

by Travis Jeppesen on October 13, 2011

For a while, it’s felt redundant to me, the way we write about art. I could say way(s), though I’m not even sure about that plurality anymore. The quest has been ongoing – and off-and-on – since Disorientations came out (…)

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The Names

by Travis Jeppesen on October 9, 2011

The Names is a section from The Suiciders, a novel. Read it here.

I’m in China

by Travis Jeppesen on June 22, 2011

….in case you haven’t heard. Will be until late July, it looks to be at the moment. If you need to get in touch, the best way is through e-mail: Facebook don’t work.

Longitude’s Necklace

by Travis Jeppesen on June 4, 2011

“Her heart is boundless, bleeding. She is the porn star mother of us all, the whore, and she doesn’t even acknowledge her own presence once the forest threatens to overtake her human-style longing. She dresses in fur and feathers, leaves (…)

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by Travis Jeppesen on May 9, 2011

“I don’t want a policeman in the room when I’m fucking.” Bruce Benderson and I discuss the subject of youth in the inaugural issue of Dust, which can be ordered here.

Bruce Benderson and Gary Indiana and Eileen Myles

by Travis Jeppesen on April 26, 2011

It doesn’t matter; there is no matter. Memory doesn’t spit out physical objects, all pristine and shiny. If there is such a thing as a truth in writing, about writing, then it’s always located in the roughness around the edges. (…)

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