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Ceal Floyer at Esther Schipper

by Travis Jeppesen on November 25, 2015

“Ceal Floyer is a savvy swayer, a maven cracker of aesthetic one-liners that burn with a sustained snap.” A review of Ceal Floyer’s exhibition at Esther Schipper, Berlin, is now online at Artforum.

VLAK Launch in Berlin

by Travis Jeppesen on May 13, 2015

I will be reading on Friday night at the launch of the fifth and final issue of the literary magazine, Vlak. The reading starts at 7pm, at Normal Bar, Forsterstr. 46 in Kreuzberg. More info here.

Dieter Roth

by Travis Jeppesen on May 4, 2015

A review of Dieter Roth’s current Berlin exhibition at Artforum.

Greer Lankton

by Travis Jeppesen on April 29, 2015

A review of Greer Lankton’s first European solo exhibition at Artforum.

The Basel Syndrome

by Travis Jeppesen on November 28, 2013

  Volatility. If there’s one word to sum up the times we’re living in, that would have to be it. In conversation, people will often aver that the financial crises of the last few years have had little effect on (…)

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by Travis Jeppesen on October 10, 2013

I read aloud

by Travis Jeppesen on July 12, 2013

….tomorrow night at Exile in Berlin. Will you be there? Irregular Readings July 13, 7 – 9pm Irregular Readings is an end of (gallery) season and early evening of short readings and vocal actions by artists and writers Travis Jeppesen, (…)

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Andrej Dubravsky

by Travis Jeppesen on October 2, 2012

“This is the place where the narcissism of youth—and especially this generation of youth—melts in the face of the artist’s chief tendency, which is that of expressionism; for what else is expression if not the sacrifice of the self at (…)

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Diane Arbus

by Travis Jeppesen on August 27, 2012

“Arbus was the photographer America never wanted, but always deserved. She was the first to show us what’s wrong with the country in a non-documentary way. It’s difficult to imagine how subsequent dissident clickers of the country’s uglier private reaches (…)

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Attila Richard Lukacs at Johnen Galerie, Berlin

by Travis Jeppesen on June 1, 2011

The resurgent emergence of the Polaroid photograph as a proper medium in and of itself throughout the last decade can, I believe, be attributed to a social anxiety surrounding the increasing digitalization of practically every vital sphere. The Polaroid inevitably (…)

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