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Simon Denny

by Travis Jeppesen on April 30, 2015

An essay on Simon Denny in the new issue of Frieze.

Sung Hwan Kim

by Travis Jeppesen on November 8, 2013

  For Sung Hwan Kim, ideas are less the thing than stories. “I know that it doesn’t matter if things are true or not,” Kim begins in From the Commanding Heights…, 2007. “But this is a true story.” He launches (…)

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The Blur of Clarity: John Monteith’s Distant Spaces

by Travis Jeppesen on November 8, 2013

  A long corridor stands before us, empty save for the myriad reflections emitted from the glaze of the floor. Light and shapes foment a static yet buzzing composition through the blurred effect that seeing-through-memory often produces. When we stare (…)

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Vertigo of Freedom

by Travis Jeppesen on January 9, 2013

For those accustomed to attending group exhibitions organized around a neat thesis, “Vertigo of Freedom” is sure to disappoint. Instead, Kata Krasznahorkai gives us curation as art form, leaving us to form our own conclusions—of which there are potentially many, (…)

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Koji Kamoji’s Terrain

by Travis Jeppesen on July 13, 2012

My space the godness garden of all. Stick to emerge the fragment, pearl drops inside rocked crescence, only to suicide the crags of oceanic wayfare: noblesse beginnings. Curved around shedlife’s tumescent wan long, fall down to perfectly symmetrize the sky’s (…)

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TransLife in Beijing

by Travis Jeppesen on August 19, 2011

I guess there’s not much left to say, at this point. After all, criticism stops as soon as the only question left to be asked is whether art is fulfilling its social responsibilities.

John Miller in Cologne

by Travis Jeppesen on June 22, 2011

Miller’s work is always defined by a certain effortlessness at crossing the cerebral with the visual. In this, he is more motivated by his subject matter than any one particular mode of expression or conceptual framework. The result is that (…)

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres

by Travis Jeppesen on February 9, 2010

Read my review of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres show in Brussels at Artforum.

Kandis Williams @ SLUM, December 16th at 22:00

by Travis Jeppesen on December 11, 2009

SLUM is pleased to announce a one-night installation by American artist Kandis Williams. Williams will present a series of collages that replicate the interiors of the vagina, using black-and-white photocopies from many sources, including hardcore porn, African sculpture, and film (…)

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British Art Now

by Travis Jeppesen on December 5, 2009

My review of the exhibition British Art Now, now online at Artforum.

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