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RIP Michael Godfrey

by Travis Jeppesen on April 9, 2010

Michael Godfrey, curator of the newly opened Becthler Museum in Charlotte, my home town, just passed away. Michael graciously took time out of a hectic schedule to give me a tour of the museum a few days before its official (…)

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For Jan Jakub Kotik, at 3am

by Travis Jeppesen on October 16, 2008

I do an occasional poetry column with Matthew Wascovich at In the latest installment, now online, you can read my homage to Jan Jakub Kotik.

IN MEMORIAM: Michael Baxandall (1933-2008)

by Travis Jeppesen on August 20, 2008

Michael Baxandall has died. As an art historian, he was responsible for engineering the idea of the “period eye,” in which one must take into consideration the social, cultural, and economic realities surrounding the creation of a work of art (…)

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Rauschenberg: 1925-2008

by Travis Jeppesen on May 20, 2008

It’s hard not to fall into the trap of thinking about Robert Rauschenberg from a historical perspective. Like two of his lovers, Jasper Johns and Cy Twombly, he is frequently seen as a transitional figure, and perhaps more than the (…)

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IN MEMORIAM: Jan Jakub Kotík (1972-2007)

by Travis Jeppesen on March 29, 2008

In December, the Czech Republic lost one of its most promising young artists to cancer. I first came into contact with Jan Jakub Kotík when I was commissioned to write an essay on his work by Umelec. I did not (…)

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