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You’ve gotta be kidding me

by Travis Jeppesen on January 19, 2010

First Jeff Koons, now Takashi Murakami? What’s with this conspiracy to clutter Versailles’s halls with crap? I mean, what’s next? Maybe fill the Louvre with elephant shit?

Deflated: Jeff Koons in Berlin

by Travis Jeppesen on December 9, 2008

The two Jeff Koons solo exhibitions currently on in Berlin – one a retrospective of the sculptures, the other a show of new paintings – confirm that Koons is the worst living artist anywhere. Koons is a sort of con (…)

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VILE: A Note on Jeff Koons Versailles

by Travis Jeppesen on October 19, 2008

The mainstream media’s recent attempts at writing off the critics of Jeff Koons’s Versailles exhibition as “conservative” miss a simple point: Jeff Koons is probably the worst living artist, if not one of the worst artists who ever lived. This (…)

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