The 27th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

by Travis Jeppesen on April 7, 2013

(Ms. Vaginal Davis in She Said Boom! The Story of Fifth Column)

My review of the 27th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival at Artforum.

2 Wasted Days @ the ICA, London

by Travis Jeppesen on March 31, 2013

2 Wasted Days with Travis Jeppesen: An Object-Oriented Writing Workshop

13 April 2013 – 14 April 2013

£25 / £20 concessions / £12 ICA Members

Object-oriented writing is a methodology through which practitioners might evolve their own individual poetics of art criticism. Object-oriented writing positions itself within the work of art, and also includes all the necessary contradictions and impossibilities embedded within such an approach. This allows a multiplicity of possible writings, ways, approaches, to flow forth, wherein the impulse of formlessness becomes the form. It could be suggested that the father of object-oriented writing is the Gertrude Stein of Tender Buttons, the mother the Roland Barthes of Mythologies. However, object-oriented writing is more likely their aborted fetus, having been revivified on a UFO by an extra-dimensional alien race that exists on a plane parallel to our own and returned to this reality in order to contaminate it.

This two-part workshop will take Bernadette Corporation’s The Complete Poem as a model. The participants will enter, via writing, individual works in the exhibition, as well as the exhibition as a whole, putting Jeppesen’s idea of writing inhabiting objects – a visceral, poetic model of art writing – into practice. Through processing and editing material together into our own Complete Poem, the workshop will explore the problems and possibilities of collective writing.

Participants are asked to bring their chosen writing tool, whether a notebook, tablet or laptop.

A single ticket covers both days of the workshop.

Sign up to get wasted with me here.

Berlinale 2013

by Travis Jeppesen on March 5, 2013

My summing-up of this year’s Berlinale can be read at Artforum in two parts: here and here.

Aliens & Anorexia: A Chris Kraus Symposium

by Travis Jeppesen on February 27, 2013

The Critical Writing in Art & Design programme at the Royal College of Art is pleased to announce the first conference on the work of the American writer Chris Kraus, to take place in London on 13–14 March 2013. Alongside presentations of new interpretations of Kraus’s work, the conference will include a reading by the author of some of her writings, an on-stage interview and screening of her films.

You can find the schedule of the symposium–and book tickets–here.


by Travis Jeppesen on February 24, 2013

A review of Kevin Killian’s new novel Spreadeagle, at Bookforum.

State of the Art

by Travis Jeppesen on January 26, 2013

“With magazines, it’s also complicated. Either you work for big bucks for Conde Nast and have them completely rewrite everything you turn in, or you work for less remunerative venues where, in the last few years, 1500 words have come to be considered a feature article. To me that’s a caption. And even if you have a good editor, they have people pushing in on them, demanding last minute cuts so some designer can jerk himself off giving pages his special sparkle, with lots of white space, and sometimes even the good editors feel they have to edit these micropieces to death. Take your voice right out of the equation, suggest little word changes, strike out sentences, until you no longer have any idea why you bothered to write the thing in the first place, since any entry-level job slinging burgers at McDonald’s would be more remunerative, if you factor up the time you spend making beetling little changes to what was perfectly all right in the first place.” – Gary Indiana, “The Five Percent Paradox”

Vertigo of Freedom

by Travis Jeppesen on January 9, 2013

For those accustomed to attending group exhibitions organized around a neat thesis, “Vertigo of Freedom” is sure to disappoint. Instead, Kata Krasznahorkai gives us curation as art form, leaving us to form our own conclusions—of which there are potentially many, despite the slim and nuanced selection of works.

A review of Vertigo of Freedom at Artforum.

Best of 2012…

by Travis Jeppesen on January 1, 2013

Joan Mitchell, Hai Bo, and Chris Kraus.

Over at Artforum.


Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait of James Dean

by Travis Jeppesen on December 12, 2012

“Joshua Tree gives us an account of the process by which Hollywood molds an individual into its systemic image of a star. That it accomplishes this through a formal subversion of Hollywood’s stylistic code—with its deliberately slow rhythm and acute attention paid to photography, nearly every image resembling a still—makes the message all the more subtle.”

A review of Joshua Tree, 1951 at Artforum. 


by Travis Jeppesen on December 9, 2012

A new issue of the London-based art occasional Dragmag is now available for free (!) in some of the city’s dandiest galleries, pick-ups, kinos, boutiques, and cultural venues.

It may even include a piece of writing by yours truly.

Get yours fast before they disappear!

More info here.

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